Little WC Bucks

Eagle Meadows Toblerone *B


Pedigree – (Click Here)

(Barn name – Dudley)

Color: Chocolate with white/ Frosted ears and nose

DOB: 4/19/2018

ADGA ID# D1960249

Dudley is a very wide, strong, deep bodied, and dairy buck that just so happens to have a very sweet personality, making him the ENTIRE package. 

Duds has some incredible milk lines in his pedigree, and some champions titles as well!  

We cannot wait to see the kids he produces here on the farm. ❤️


DAM -Bella Vita Somethinginthewater 1*M VEVV – 88

DS – KW Farms RC Tiger King

DSS – Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S ++B VEE – 90

DD – CH AGS Honey Goat Domingo

SIRE – Eagle Meadows Picasso VEE – 89

SS – Agape Oaks EM Rembrandt A++ – 74

SD – SGCH Sans Gene K Cookies and Cream 3*M EEEV – 91

SDS – Poppy Patch HB Evel Knievel +B VEE – 90

SDD – Sans Gene GT Hermione 2*M EEEV – 90

SDDD – GCH Caprinos RI Night Jasmine 1*M EEEE 91 FS

SDDS – Caprinos TMM Renegade +B VEE – 87

Duds showing off his long, strong, and level physique! And just look at all those neck wrinkles… 😍
Duds on left Billy on right! 😊


The Ladies behind Toblerone (Dudley) Top Row – Dudley’s Dam…  Middle Row – Dudley’s Sire’s Dam…  Bottom Row – 1st Picture – Dudley’s Sire’s Dam’s Dam… 2nd and 3rd picture – Dudley’s Sire’s Dam’s Dam’s Dam.

Let em’ be little ZZ Top

Pedigree – (Click Here) 

(Barn name – Billy Gibbons)

Color: Gold with white/ white poll/ frosted ears and nose/ silver moonspots/ blue eyes

DOB: 4/17/2019

ADGA ID# D2076699



Billy is a super sweet buck with a puppy dog personality. He loves attention, and of course treats! Billy is strong, and confident, has a long body, and level top line, and of course he’s got those blue eyes and moonspots that many people love! 


DAM – The DeHaven Family Farm Addy

DD – Sweet Grace Farm Marshmello

DS – Sweet Grace Farm Bambi

DSS – AGS Cornerstone farm Sorek *S

DSD – AGS Sweet Grace Farm Christmas

(Show Wins for Christmas:  2x 3rd, 1x 5th)

DDS – AGS Sweet Grace Farm Joseph

DDD – AGS Doubletree Zinfandel Blue Blush ++E+ – 83

(Show Wins for Blue Blush:  1x Best of Breed, 1x Grnd. Chmp., 1x Res. Grnd. Chmp., 4x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 1x 4th)

SIRE – AGS Let em’ be little Patch

SD – The DeHaven Family Farm Snickers

SS – AGS Roemings Rockyridge Little Dude

SDS – Sweet Grace Farm Stripe

SDD – Sweet Grace Farm Sassafrass

SDSS – AGS Doubletree Beaujolais  +VE – 84

SDSD – AGS Jaw Dropping Farm Bella  EEE+ – 87

(Show Wins for Bella:  1x Jr. Grnd. Chmp., 1x 1st)

SDDD – AGS Doubletree Zinfandel Blu Blush ++E+ – 83

SDDS – AGS Sweet Grace Farm Joseph (Scored through AGS – E 90)



A few more reference photos from Billy’s Pedigree

Doubletree Zinfandel Blu Blush – Photo Credit to: Sweet Grace Farm


Sweet Grace Farm Christmas Photo Credit to: Sweet Grace Farm
Jaw Dropping Farm Bella Photo Credit to: Sweet Grace Farm