Little WC Bucks

Eagle Meadows Toblerone *B


Pedigree – (Click Here)


(Barn name – Dudley)

Color: Chocolate with white/ Frosted ears and nose

DOB: 4/19/2018

ADGA ID# D1960249




DAM -Bella Vita Somethinginthewater 1*M VEVV – 88

DS – KW Farms RC Tiger King

DSS – Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S ++B VEE – 90

DD – CH AGS Honey Goat Domingo

SIRE – Eagle Meadows Picasso VEE – 89

SS – Agape Oaks EM Rembrandt A++ – 74

SD – SGCH Sans Gene K Cookies and Cream 3*M EEEV – 91

SDS – Poppy Patch HB Evel Knievel +B VEE – 90

SDD – Sans Gene GT Hermione 2*M EEEV – 90

SDDD – GCH Caprinos RI Night Jasmine 1*M EEEE 91 FS

SDDS – Caprinos TMM Renegade +B VEE – 87


The Ladies behind Toblerone (Dudley) Top Row – Dudley’s Dam…  Middle Row – Dudley’s Sire’s Dam…  Bottom Row – 1st Picture – Dudley’s Sire’s Dam’s Dam… 2nd and 3rd picture – Dudley’s Sire’s Dam’s Dam’s Dam.

Let em’ be little ZZ Top

Pedigree – (Click Here) 


(Barn name – Billy Gibbons)

Color: Gold with white/ white poll/ frosted ears and nose/ silver moonspots/ blue eyes

DOB: 4/17/2019

ADGA ID# D2076699



DAM – The DeHaven Family Farm Addy

DD – Sweet Grace Farm Marshmello

DS – Sweet Grace Farm Bambi

DSS – AGS Cornerstone farm Sorek *S

DSD – AGS Sweet Grace Farm Christmas

(Show Wins for Christmas:  2x 3rd, 1x 5th)

DDS – AGS Sweet Grace Farm Joseph

DDD – AGS Doubletree Zinfandel Blue Blush ++E+ – 83

(Show Wins for Blue Blush:  1x Best of Breed, 1x Grnd. Chmp., 1x Res. Grnd. Chmp., 4x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 1x 4th)

SIRE – AGS Let em’ be little Patch

SD – The DeHaven Family Farm Snickers

SS – AGS Roemings Rockyridge Little Dude

SDS – Sweet Grace Farm Stripe

SDD – Sweet Grace Farm Sassafrass

SDSS – AGS Doubletree Beaujolais  +VE – 84

SDSD – AGS Jaw Dropping Farm Bella  EEE+ – 87

(Show Wins for Bella:  1x Jr. Grnd. Chmp., 1x 1st)

SDDD – AGS Doubletree Zinfandel Blu Blush ++E+ – 83

SDDS – AGS Sweet Grace Farm Joseph (Scored through AGS – E 90)



A few more reference photos from Billy’s Pedigree

Doubletree Zinfandel Blu Blush – Photo Credit to: Sweet Grace Farm


Sweet Grace Farm Christmas Photo Credit to: Sweet Grace Farm
Jaw Dropping Farm Bella Photo Credit to: Sweet Grace Farm